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Will the Flash Appear in the Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale?

Casper Crump as Vandal Savage in 'Legends of Tomorrow'

In the very first trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Flash appears to help Captain Rip Hunter and his team take down a bunch of Vandal Savage‘s soldiers in what looks like a warehouse or factory of some kind.

Well, now that the show is heading into its season finale this week, the Flash has yet to be seen on the latest comic book to television adaptation on The CW. Speculation is heavy that Barry Allen will zoom into the world of the Legends and help Hunter & Co. take down Vandal Savage once and for all.

And, therein lies the problem — Barry just got his speed back and now has his hands full battling Zoom who is at least as bad as, if not worse, than Savage. He, too, is trying to take over our world — just 150 years sooner. The Flash only has two more episodes left (this week’s and the finale next week), and it seems odd that the brain trust behind the DC/CW superhero shows will take a major hero out of his own realm and place him in the playground of another group of heroes with super-major battles looming for both.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see The Flash teaming up with the Legends, but does that really make sense? If The CW is going to keep their word, he’d have to show up in some form. And there are a few ways to do that that won’t cause continuity issues.

  • With Leonard Snart’s death last week, Barry could speed run into the past in order to reset the timeline by a day or a couple of days in order to return Snart to life. (Which would also undo the destruction of the Oculus, and reset the timeline of the entire Arrowverse.)
  • Barry’s appearance could be a flashback of sorts revealing that he did help the Legends in a battle against Vandal Savage in the past.
  • Or, it may be the Flash of an alternate universe. Earth-3, anyone?

Those are the only good possibilities I see. But who knows? Time will tell.


THE FINAL BATTLE – After the numerous sacrifices the team has made since the beginning of this ride, Rip (Arthur Darvill) decides that it’s time they each decide their own destiny and returns them to Central City a few months after they first left. Returned to their normal lives, each team member must individually decide if they are willing to sacrifice everything in order to save the world. Meanwhile, Sara (Caity Lotz) visits with her father (guest star Paul Blackthorne) who delivers some heartbreaking news about her sister. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Chris Fedak and teleplay by Phil Klemmer & Marc Guggenheim (#116).

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on The CW.SuperFable