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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3.18, AfterView: S.H.I.E.L.D. Has its Worst Day Ever, FitzSimmons Finally Get Together

Hive (Brett Dalton) in 'Agents of SHIELD'

AfterView: Quick takes on your favorite shows for when you didn’t have time to watch them. Warning: Spoilers.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., 3.18: “The Singularity” (Tuesday, 04/26/16)

After Daisy’s shocking turn to Hive last week, S.H.I.E.L.D. is at its worst ever. Of course, Coulson sets out to get her back, but each step of the way, Hive and his growing cadre of Inhumans are one step ahead.

First, Coulson, May, and Lincoln jet off to retrieve another inhuman, Alicia, who has the ability to create duplicates of herself. “Three Inhumans for the price of one,” Coulson says. He wants to get to her before Hive does. Unfortunately, when they arrive at her hideout, they discover that Hive has already swayed her, and she almost kills May.

Meanwhile, Hive and Daisy are having a heart-to-heart talk. Daisy expresses her peace and satisfaction at finally being part of Hive’s “organism.” (Creepy.) She gives him the Inhuman/Kree artifact that she and Lincoln took from that Australian Inhuman-wannabe, James.

Hive detects that a piece of the artifact is missing. They go to James’ hideout in South Dakota to retrieve it, and in the process uncover the only thing that can destroy Hive. (So much for him being a “god.”) They take that and then turn James into a real Inhuman. When he comes out of Terrigenesis, he can generate heat with his hands, making anything he touches combust. He promptly joins the Hive.

Following the tip of an explosion at James’ hideout, Coulson, May, and a few SHIELD agents hustle there. Once again, they’re too late. They find the huge hole in the ground where Hive removed the thing that can destroy him. James’ place is rigged with explosives. Coulson and May jump in the hole to protect themselves, and here comes one of the most awesome moments in comic book superhero TV history….

COULSON USES A SHIELD THAT EXPANDS FROM HIS BIONIC ARM TO PROTECT HIMSELF AND MAY FROM THE BLAST. A REAL SHIELD! “I thought the director of SHIELD should actually have a shield,” Coulson says. Yeah, we did too.

While all of this has been happening, Mack, Fitz, and Simmons are on a mission to Romania where they are trying to track down a doctor who they hope can help them find a cure for Daisy. The doctor is in a transhuman club, but when they get to him, he’s not that friendly to SHIELD or willing to help.

At that point, Hive, Daisy, and Hellfire (James) show up.

Jemma is dragged off by one of the transhuman guards, who is killed by Hive. Hive talks to Jemma as Will. (Remember, Hive has his memories.) Jemma tears up, but ends up shooting Hive three times in the stomach. (Go, Jemma!) Icky brown stuff oozes out of Hive, but he seems otherwise unaffected.

Daisy blows open the doors to the doctor’s hideout and finds Fitz still there. The doctor is taken away, but Daisy remains behind to threaten Fitz. She tells him she doesn’t want to hurt him or Simmons or anyone else at SHIELD, but they need to stop looking for her because she’s found her family. If they keep coming after her, she’ll snap Fitz’s neck next time they meet.

Meanwhile, Mack is fighting Hellfire. He doesn’t get burned.

Fitz and Simmons regroup at the hotel were they were staying Romania, and THE MOMENT ten years in the making actually happens. (They’d been leading up to it the whole episode.) Yes, Fitz and Simmons became FitzSimmons. They had sex.

The episode ends with Hive, Alicia, Daisy, Hellfire, and the doctor all together. Hive has bought a whole town and intends to replicate the experiment that the Kree carried out that brought him forth.

Credits roll.

Oh, wait! While all the above was happening, Gen. Talbot, using the late Gideon Malick’s intel (which he handed over to SHIELD), got things set up to destroy Hydra’s infrastructure. Coulson gives the go-ahead, and he and May watch as Hydra’s cells and operations around the world are blown up, taken out, dismantled, etc. “The head has been cut,” Talbot says. It should have been a happy moment but it wasn’t.SuperFable