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Aquaman Director is Ready to Provide Unexpected Characterization for Hero

James Wan / Aquaman

Aquaman director James Wan is excited that he gets to tackle a superhero no one has ever done on the big screen before.

Speaking to Comic Book Resources, he shared how he plans to take the character (played by Jason Momoa), who is often the butt of jokes in the comic books, and make something respectable out of him.

I actually do think there’s something kind of fun, as well, to take a character where people don’t quite know what to expect from him, or rather the expectation of him is quite low. I always say, it’s very difficult when you’re tackling something like Spider-Man or Batman that has been done so many times before. Whereas, it’s actually really refreshing to take on something like Aquaman, that no one has really seen before in this context, and make it your own.

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Aquaman is set to be released on July 27, 2018.SuperFable