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Arrow 3.19, AfterView: Laurel Lance’s Legacy is On the Line

Madison McLaughlin as Black Canary's copycat on 'Arrow'

AfterView: Quick takes on your favorite shows for when you didn’t have time to watch them. Warning: Spoilers.

Arrow, 3.19: “Canary Cry” (Wednesday, 04/28/16)

Oliver Queen is sad and blaming himself for Laurel’s death.

John Diggle is sad and blaming himself for Laurel’s death.

Felicity Smoak is sad and blaming herself for Laurel’s death.

Thea Queen is sad but not really blaming herself for Laurel’s death.

Each member of Team Arrow is telling the other members that they aren’t to blame for Laurel’s death.

Quentin Lance is sad, distraught, and in denial over his daughter’s death. He’s grasping for straws, willing to believe any shred of hope that Laurel can be brought back to life.

Enter Nyssa al Ghul, who informs him that she “destroyed the Lazarus Pit months ago.”

Enter, also, the Black Canary copy-cat played by Madison McLaughlin. Lance hears about her exploits and at first believes its Laurel come back to life. But after confirming that her body is still in a cold box at the hospital, Oliver realizes that the Canary Cry sonic device was stolen from Laurel’s belongings at the hospital.

He sets out to catch the young perp, only to realize, after their first encounter, that her family were Darhk’s prisoners (or followers, if you prefer). The parents ended up dead. The young woman, Evelyn Sharp, is on a personal quest for justice (or revenge, but it’s probably the same thing in this case). She plans to take out (or at least beat up) Darhk and anyone associated with him including his wife, Mayor Ruve Adams. She also has no love for the Arrow, who, in her view, came to Reddington’s to rescue his friends after they were kidnapped around Christmastime but not anyone else. (Well, that is exactly what he did. Cue more Oliver self-blaming.)

Meanwhile, John Diggle, who is torn up over trusting Andy, intends to find his brother — and maybe beat him up? He accosts Ruve Adams/Darhk and demands to know where Darhk’s men, particularly Andy, are located. Oliver-as-Arrow arrives in time to prevent him from hurting the mayor (but not before he gave her a well-deserved slap).

The mayor uses this event to re-up the Anti-Vigilante Task Force, seeking the arrests of Black Canary, Green Arrow, Spartan, and Red Arrow. Of course she knows Laurel Lance was the Black Canary; she is using the opportunity to smear Black Canary’s good name as a hero.

Team Arrow soon closes in on Evelyn-as-Black Canary. She’s heading for a hotel where Ruve Adams is headquartered. Oliver-as-Arrow is able to talk Evelyn out of shooting the mayor in the middle of a ballroom surrounded by about a hundred other people, but not before she’s killed at least two (possibly three) police officers. The mayor orders the cops to arrest Arrow, but he escapes.

Laurel’s funeral happens. Everyone is appropriately sad, but Paul Blackthorne as Captain Lance puts on a great display of a grieving man. (He has certainly been through a lot with his daughters’ dying.)

Evelyn shows up at the funeral.

Speaking at the funeral, Oliver reveals publicly that Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in an effort to head-off any damage Ruve Adams’ words might do to the public perception of Laurel/Black Canary due to Evelyn’s actions.

The famous graveside scene plays. Oliver tells Barry he wants to be alone. Later, Felicity and Oliver agree that DAMIEN. DAHRK. MUST. DIE.

Also, throughout this episode, there were flashbacks to what happened after Season 1 — namely, Tommy’s funeral and Laurel’s and Oliver’s grief over his death. It was a great way to include Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance one last time, but mostly pointless.

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