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Arrow: 4 Reasons Felicity Smoak is Not Dead (and Will Not Die)


As fans are not-so-patiently waiting for the return of Arrow‘s 4th season, rumors are flying across the internet regarding the fate of one of the show’s favorites — Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). She was last seen being pulled from a bullet-riddled limo by her boyfriend-turned-fiance, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

She looked very dead.

The collective fanbase let out a great and mournful cry until Arrow producers released the trailer for episode 10, “Blood Debts”, showing that Felicity was not that dead…but that she may still die.

So, to set your heart at ease, here are four reasons why Felicity Smoak is not dead and will not die (probably).

1. Everybody loves Felicity. There’s no I-hate-Felicity club like there is an I-hate-Laurel club. (Personally, I don’t see why lots of people hate Laurel either, but that’s a debate for another day.) Arrow producers would most-likely not kill off one of the show’s most beloved characters.

2. Felicity has to be around to deal with Oliver’s daddy issues. In December 2015’s Flash/Arrow crossover event, Oliver found out that he has a son living in Central City, product of a relationship he had before the Queen’s Gambit made her ill-fated journey. Oliver’s mother paid the young woman to move to Central City and tell her son that she miscarried. Oliver now knows the truth, but thanks to Barry Allen’s reset of the timeline, Felicity hasn’t found out yet. Why would the producers even begin this plot line if Felicity wouldn’t be around to handle the fallout?

3. Felicity has to be around to handle her own daddy issues. Yes, Felicity’s father, a villain known as The Calculator, is coming to Star City — and he’s not showing up just to go to his daughter’s funeral.

4. Barry Allen’s reaction at the end of episode 1 does not square with a dead Felicity. When Oliver is standing over a grave “six months later”, Barry Allen is there as well. Out of all of the members of Team Arrow, Felicity is the one Barry Allen is closest to. However, Barry Allen does not look like he is mourning someone he knows well. He looks like he is there to support Oliver in his grief. On top of that, he makes a speedy exit when Oliver tells him he doesn’t need anything else. To me, that indicates that the dead person is someone Barry doesn’t know very well or care about very much.

Caveat: Felicity may still die. Another reporter has noted that “the timeline of the grave scene is set six months after the premiere episode, which would place it in the Season 4 finale and not the mid-season finale.” That’s plausible, and that means Felicity would have time to deal with Oliver’s daddy issues and her own daddy issues before dying at the end of this season. But, I don’t really see why the timeline of the show has to correspond with the timeline of the real world in any way.

Which brings us back to the question: Who is in that grave?

  • Thea? Her death would definitely warrant the kind of grief Oliver displays.
  • Oliver’s son? This is a stretch, but over the course of the next few episodes, Damien Dhark (or some other villain) could find out about Oliver’s son and kill him to get at Oliver. Which would also warrant the kind of grief Oliver displays at the grave site.