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Arrow: How Much Longer Will it Take for Echo Kellum to Become Mr. Terrific?

Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) on 'Arrow'

Arrow actor, Echo Kellum (who portrays Curtis Holt), recently sat down with Moviefone for an interview on where his character is going in the show’s fifth season.

Curtis was an outstanding employee of the Felicity Smoak-led Palmer Industries, but he became a member of Team Arrow by the end of Season 4.

Here are some relevant bits from his interview.

What’s his storyline in Arrow Season 5?

I can’t really say too much, outside of that it will be “terrific”! That it’ll be a lot of cool things happening, and just buckle up and get ready for an awesome ride. They’re really going for it this season, and I think they’re going to bring a lot of cool elements that made the series so great. It’s just going to be such a cool cast to work with, with all the new additions this season. I think it’s going to be the best.

Where’s his costume?

I definitely want to suit up really bad. But I understand. It’s this arc. You’ve got to build up to it. But I definitely hope — and I believe, hopefully, within this season we should see Curtis Holt get there in some capacity.

What stood out to him from Mr. Terrific in the comics?

I think it’s just his commitment to science. It was kind of fascinating to me that he kind of turned off every kind of religious spirituality aspect in his life and became an atheist. It was just like, “It’s about this. This is how we forward humanity. This is how we figure out what the hell we’re doing here.” So it’s just his undying, un-wilting basis of going to science.

Read the rest of his interview on Moviefone here.

Arrow Season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5th on The CW.SuperFable