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Arrow: Oliver and Felicity WILL Get Married, and We Have Proof

Felicity and Oliver get married on Arrow.

After this week’s episode of Arrow, Olicity shippers are understandably bummed.

On the good side, Felicity regained the use of her legs. (Thank you, Curtis Holt.) On the negative side, Felicity used those legs to walk out on Oliver after taking off her engagement ring.

Admittedly, Oliver Queen screwed up by not telling her about his son, William. (He really should have learned his lesson about keeping secrets by now.) And even though she said she understood the reasons why he did it, Felicity still thought a break-up was in order.

Add this to that post-graveyard scene where a saddened (and still ring-less) Felicity and Oliver are sitting together (yet apart) in the back of a limo, and it’s easy to conclude that the end of Olicity has come upon us.

But have no fear! It has not.

Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim shared a photo from an upcoming episode, showing Oliver and Felicity standing at the altar in traditional wedding get-ups. He even added, “[This is] Not a dream sequence. Not a hallucination. Not an alternate reality. Not a flash-forward to a potential future.”


But Guggenheim has been known to tease us before. I truly hope he’s being sincere.

Sadly, we have to wait an entire month for the next few episodes of this amazing season. Arrow returns on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 on the CW.SuperFable