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Arrow Returns and it’s Definitely NOT Felicity in the Grave


The midseason premiere of Arrow conclusively laid to rest the rumors and speculation that beloved character, Felicity Smoak, would be killed off this season.

A tease showing a distraught Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) at a freshly-dug grave gave rise to the fear that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) would be killed by villain Damien Darhk.

After the midseason finale left Felicity bullet-riddled by Darhk’s ghosts, episode 10 (titled, “Blood Debts”) shows Felicity undergoing multiple surgeries and Oliver out for revenge. What we find out is that Felicity is paralyzed from the waist down (at least for now). She may or may not become the Oracle.

We also know that Felicity is most definitely not in the grave. (Meaning she doesn’t die later in this season, either.)

Episode 10 closes with Oliver leaving the grave and getting in his limo. Felicity is already sitting in the limo, and she tells Oliver, rather bitterly, “You know what you have to do now… You have to kill that son-of-a-bitch.” (That S.O.B. presumably being Darhk.)

The level of intensity with which she says these words indicates that the person who has died is very close to her. I’m thinking it may be her mother, Donna. But, who knows?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, check out the promo for next week’s episode of Arrow titled, “A.W.O.L.”