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Batman Could Appear on Arrow; Wonder Woman Could Appear on Legends of Tomorrow

Wonder Woman and Batman could appear on The CW

Andrew Kreisberg, co-creator of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, has been pretty clear in past interviews that DC’s Trinity — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — were not available for use on TV.

Now, one-third of the Trinity is set to appear in Supergirl‘s Season 2 on The CW. He will be played by Tyler Hoechlin.

Which makes one wonder, What changed?

Apparently, last month’s shakeup at DC’s film outfit had something to do with it. According to Deadline, “DC chief content officer Geoff Johns, who helped establish [DC’s] presence on television, and [Warner Bros executive vice president] Jon Berg will now co-run DC Films. While DC Films has long been a production banner within Warner Bros, it will now exist as a formal division.”

This restructuring has made certain characters available for use in the WB’s DC TV shows which appear on The CW.

So, theoretically, we could see Batman make an appearance on Arrow. The show has already made extensive use of Batman’s mythos, and its dark, gritty tone would suit the Caped Crusader. (I want to see who would win a Batman vs. Arrow fight.)

Legends of Tomorrow would be a prime theater to feature Wonder Woman. The Legends could easily travel to the past or the future and pay a visit to Themyscira.

We can assume that this also opens up the door for Arrow‘s version of the Suicide Squad to be brought back together (with new members, of course, considering that most of them are already dead).SuperFable