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Here’s Why Brian Michael Bendis says Powers Season 2 is So Much Better


Brian Michael Bendis recently spoke about the changes Powers has made going into its second season.

The writer and artist was particularly excited to discuss the people behind the scenes who are making the show better.

He told Comic Book Resources, “Almost all my favorite shows, when you think of it, you really think about that second season. The Shield, even Seinfeld. Even his refrigerator got better. There’s a laundry list of shows like that, where the second season was like, ‘Here we go, now we got something.’ That’s where we are.”

He added, “Remi and I are completely on the same page. He goes, ‘You know what we should do is really get some people behind the scenes that really blow the roof the place.’ Shawna [Trpcic], our costume designer, is Joss Whedon’s costume designer. That’s why all those costumes look amazing. She did Firefly.”

“Our cinematographer, Chris Faloona, did Banshee and Torchwood, these really unique looking shows. Our stunt coordinator, Mike [Massa], is Harrison Ford’s stunt coordinator on Indiana Jones and Star Wars — these are big deal people.”

Bendis is betting that “big deal people” will make the second season of Powers even better than the first.

The first three episodes of Powers Season 2 are now available on the PlayStation Network.SuperFable