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Bryan Cranston Compares Tone of Power Rangers Movie to The Dark Knight

Power Rangers

Bryan Cranston, who recently confirmed that he will be playing Zordon in the Power Rangers movie, says the tone of the film is similar to that of The Dark Knight

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Cranston said:

I wasn’t really high on it until I talked to the producer and read the script and talked to the director. After that I went, ‘This is different’…

This is as different a reimagining as the ‘Batman’ television series as it became the ‘Batman’ movie series. You can’t compare those two, and nor can you compare this movie version of the ‘Power Rangers’ to that television series. It’s unrecognizable for the most part.

There are tenets of the folklore that you hold onto for sure, but the inspiration is different, and the sensibility of it, and the approach to the film making is completely different. I don’t know if the tone is as dark as [“The Dark Knight”] because you’re dealing with teenagers.

So the appropriateness of that, and real teenage life, and going through high school and the cliques and the popularity or lack thereof, and the bullies and all the different sections and sub-sections of high school life, and the insecurities of these kids and things like that — hopes and dreams — and you embrace all of that into a retelling of the ‘Power Rangers.’

And what you would get is this new version, this new reimagined version.


Five teens utilize their special powers to save the world from an alien threat.

Power Rangers is set to release on March 24, 2017SuperFable