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Cassandra Clare Steps In to Stop Shadowhunters Fan War

Magnus Bane and Clary Fray in Shadowhunters

After 7 episodes of Shadowhunters, it’s clear there are some — okay, a lot of — deviations from The Mortal Instruments book series.

We all knew this would happen. Unfortunately, some fans — and we knew this would happen too — are not taking it well.

Rumors that Shadow World creator, Cassandra Clare, is herself displeased with the direction of the show have been spreading online dividing Shadowhunter from Shadowhunter and sparking a war among mundane fans.

However, said rumors are not true. This week, Cassandra Clare fired off a few messages (Get it? “Fire messages.”) urging fans to call it peace. She acknowledges that there are differences between the Mortal Instruments series and the Shadowhunters TV show. She has a “good relationship” with the show’s cast and producers. She’s cool with the changes made for the TV adapation. We should be too.

Here’s what she said.