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Code 8: Watch Teaser for Sci-fi Film Starring Robbie Amell


Arrow star Stephen Amell has posted a teaser on his Facebook page for a sci-fi film — Code8 — starring his cousin, Robbie Amell.

The project, which Stephen Amell is a producer on, has been kept mostly under wraps. Stephen writes, “I’ve been working on something,” as he posts the teaser trailer below.

The teaser informs us about a city where 4% of the population possess “abnormal abilities,” yet make up “60 percent of all arrests.” Robbie Amell is apparently one of those with such abilities, and it appears as though he and a friend are about to be arrested.

The Code8 website features a countdown to (we presume) the release of a full-length trailer.

Code8 also stars Sung Kang (as a police officer), Aaron Abrams, Chad Donella, and Alfred Rubin Thompson.SuperFable