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Deadpool 2: Eager Studio to Begin Filming in Early 2017

Deadpool 2

The sequel to Deadpool is set to begin filming in early 2017, producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed.

Speaking to Collider, Kinberg said the follow-up to this year’s R-rated smash hit starring Ryan Reynolds  is scheduled to begin early next year. He added, “The guys, [Paul] Wernick and [Rhett] Reese, are working on the script, and we hope to have a script very soon.”

He added, “I can only tell you that it’s going extremely well and that’s about all I will tell you about it.”

But he went on: “We want it to be discovered the way that we used to watch movies a long time ago when you didn’t know everything about them before you went to go see them.”

Deadpool 2 is set to be released in 2017.SuperFable