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Deathstroke Arrives in the DCEU, but Who Will Play Him?

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett)

Ben Affleck, the DCEU’s Batman, posted a cryptic video of what appeared to be Deathstroke on his Twitter account yesterday.

Predictably, as Deathstroke stalked toward the camera in what appeared to be some kind of hangar, fanfolk everywhere were sent into a frenzy.

But just where will Deathstroke make his first appearance? And who will play him?

The Wrap has confirmed today, thanks to “an individual with knowledge of the situation”, that Deathstroke will be the primary opponent of The Dark Knight in the upcoming solo Batman film.

A lot of people will remember Deathstroke/Slade Wilson when he was played by Manu Bennett (in fine fashion, we might add) on The CW’s Arrow. But show creator Marc Guggenheim said a few months ago, “The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project.”

Killing off or refusing to bring back secondary characters on one of The CW’s superhero shows has previously been a dead ringer that Warner Bros. had plans for the character in its movie universe. The same thing happened with Deadshot and Amanda Waller who were also on Arrow.

Warner Bros. has not made an official announcement on Deathstroke’s inclusion in the DCEU.

Rumor has it that Joe Mangianello is playing Deathstroke. He is in London where Justice League is being filmed, but hasn’t been officially tied to the project. On the other hand, is making the case that Julian Lewis Jones, who was recently cast in a secret role in Justice League, actually has the role of Deathstroke.