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Everything’s Different for Barry & Co. in New Trailer for The Flash Season 3

The Flash Season 3

The first trailer for Season 3 of The Flash was revealed at Comic-Con last week, and, as previously confirmed, the show is going full-in with the Flashpoint storyline.

So, there are a lot of changes to consider.

First, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is happy because both of his parents are alive. He isn’t using his speedster powers anymore. But, that’s okay, because Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West) has got that covered. Cisco Ramone is mega-rich. Joe West, Iris’ father doesn’t seem to like Barry at all. And Iris thinks she remembers Barry from somewhere.

One of two Season 3 villains were also revealed — Doctor Alchemy, voiced by Saw‘s Tobin Bell. Executive producer Todd Helbing said, “He’s a bad dude and he’s going to be a formidable adversary to The Flash and everyone on the team.”

Watch the new trailer below.

The Flash Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, October 4th, at 8pm EST on The CW.SuperFable