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Ezra Miller Reveals the One Thing Justice League and Flashpoint Won’t Have

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash in Justice League

Ezra Miller is the Barry Allen of the DC Cinematic Universe. But that doesn’t mean he’s getting all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

Specifically, the spring-loaded ring mechanism that allows the Flash to carry his suit around on his finger. Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne got to do it in the first season of The Flash on The CW, but Miller’s Flash won’t get that nifty tool for some time.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Miller said:

Well, you know, look—I can confirm, spoiler alert, his suit does not pop out of his ring [in the movie]. Things have to progress, you know? Original Barry Allen was clearly an incredibly, incredibly clever scientist. We acknowledge and respect that. We want to apologize to the fans who are mad about the ring thing.

“The ring thing.” Forgiven?

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

Flashpoint won’t be in theaters until 2020.