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Fernanda Andrade says Marvel’s Most Wanted Will be ‘Fun, Unpredictable’; Teases Secret History with Lance Hunter

Fernanda Andrade portrays Christina Santos in 'Marvel's Most Wanted'

There’s not much we know about Marvel’s Most Wanted, but one of the shows main actresses promises it will be “fun” and “unpredictable.”

Comic Book Resources caught up with Fernanda Andrade who portrays Christina Santos, the niece of Dominic Future, “a former adventurer and gun-aficionado” played by Delroy Lindo. Andrade and Lindo will star alongside Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood who portray Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird and Lance Hunter — ex-SHIELD agents who are on the run with a bounty on their head.

While she wasn’t able to tell much about Marvel’s Most Wanted, Andrade said, “It’s kind of this whole brave new world for them [Morse and Hunter] because they’ve got nobody to watch their backs. And they make this unlikely alliance with Dominic Fortune and Christina Santos, which is my character — they’re partners. It’s a really fun show because it’s totally unpredictable. Nobody has any real alliances, so you never know who to trust.”

Andrade also teased her character’s interaction with Lance Hunter: “Christina has some history with Hunter, which is also under wraps, and we don’t really know what it is. So that’ll kind of unfold as we watch the show. So that’s fun. It’s really fun.”

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