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First Look at Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War

Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo in 'Captain America: Civil War'

All of the promotional material for Captain America: Civil War has focused on the division between Captain America and Iron Man over government plans to regulate the world’s powered individuals.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that the film actually has a real bad guy — Baron Zemo played by Daniel Bruhl. We haven’t seen a glimpse of him or heard his voice in any of the trailers or preview clips. Marvel is (wisely) keeping him (and his purple mask?) under wraps so people will have something unexpected to look forward to in theaters.

But we do have this — the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly published a photo of Daniel Bruhl in Captain America: Civil War. Clearly, he’s not in costume, but that doesn’t mean he won’t whip out the purple face mask somewhere long the line. Director Joe Russo simply said, “He’s still similar to what you know of Zemo, a revenge character.”

Word is that Bruhl plays the Lex Luthor of Captain America: Civil War — an eccentric leader with way too much time and money on his hands, so he pleasures himself by pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against each other and watching them fight.

But to what end? We’ll soon find out.

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters on May 6th.SuperFable