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First Power Rangers Photo Shows the New, Diverse Cast All Together

Power Rangers

We finally have our first glimpse of the new Power Rangers who will star in the 2017 movie.

EW posted the above photo of the actors — Becky G, R.J. Cyler, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, and Dacre Montgomery — portraying “disenfranchised and disparate” teens who, unlike the original, are not friends when their story begins.

Director Dean Israelite said, “From the very beginning, diversity was a very important part of the whole process. We switched all of the races around, but we made sure that the essence of each of those characters are who they were in the original show, and this really will be an origin story of those characters.”

The Power Rangers will also be getting new costumes which Israelite promised would be “modern, edgy, badass” and “aspirational.” The costumes will be designed by Weta Workshop (of Lord of the Rings fame). But they won’t be typical superhero costumes that the characters put on. “They’re not really suits that people get into,” Israelite said. “They’re suits that morph onto our kids, so they already have this almost metaphysical quality to them.”

Now, that will be cool to watch.

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