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Ghostbusters Producer Predicts ‘Endless’ Number of Sequels


Despite the massive backlash the new Ghostbusters film has received, producer Amy Pascal is still confident she has a hit franchise on her hands.

At the Hollywood premiere of the film, Pascal said, “I have waited for this moment for a year! People are going to love this movie so much that they’re going to demand more and more.” She said there would be an ‘endless’ number of sequels and spinoffs.

Original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson seconded Pascal, saying, “It’s great to finally have a film that moves the franchise forward. It’ll be something the fans are going to love. I know there’s been a lot of different reactions, but when they see the movie, they’re going to love it.”

Ghostbusters has faced withering criticism since production was announced, primarily because of the four female leads an also because some fans of the original didn’t like the idea of a remake.

Sony chairman Tom Rothman declared, “All that stuff has been great. It’s been great for the movie,.” He added, “The movie is a comedy, an entertaining comedy, but it is also now a real important part of the social conversation and you don’t usually get to do both of those things.”

Ghostbusters is in theaters on July 15th.SuperFable