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Gotham Returns Tonight: 5 Storylines We’re Looking Forward To

Mr. Freeze in "Gotham"

Gotham, Fox’s Batman prequel show, returns to TV tonight. Here are 5 storylines we’re hoping to catch up on in the midseason premiere.

1. A haunted Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon in "Gotham"

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) started his career with the Gotham City Police Department as a clean-cut, by-the-book cop. However, the criminal element in Gotham (and a corrupt police department) has pushed him closer and closer to the edge. In the midseason finale, Gordon finally crossed the line by killing villainous schemer Theo Galavan after letting Penguin beat up on him. How will that dark deed affect his standing in the police department and his relationship with Lee Thompkins (who he proposed to)?

2. A freed Penguin

Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin on "Gotham"

In contrast with Jim Gordon, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) never subscribed to any code of honor. He’s always been willing to lie, steal, and kill to get what he wants. However, he worked hard to keep his evil deeds away from his mother, whom he sincerely loved. Now, with his mother dead and gone, Penguin is freed from the ties that bind. How will he rule as the ‘king of Gotham’?

3. The secrets of Bruce Wayne’s father

Bruce Wayne in "Gotham"

It took him a very long time, but Lucius Fox finally fixed the computer that apparently holds the secrets of Bruce Wayne’s (David Mazouz) father. Will all be revealed in the second half of this season? And how will those secrets affect Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman?

4. The return of Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney in "Gotham"

There was collective rejoicing when it was confirmed┬áthat Jada Pinkett-Smith would return as crime underboss Fish Mooney. But she was “killed” in season 1, so how does that work? Will she be the same Fish Mooney when she returns? Will she be ought for revenge? Will she try to take Gotham from Penguin?

5. Cat’s tale

Selina Kyle on "Gotham"

Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) was instrumental in getting Bruce Wayne the information Theo Galavan had on his parents’ killer. She also helped save him from some murderous monks in the midseason finale. I wonder what else will happen that will take her further down the path of becoming Catwoman.

Of course we’re also looking forward to the stories of Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange.

Gotham airs Monday’s at 8pm EST on Fox.SuperFable