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Grant Gustin says he Will be ‘Adamant’ About Keeping The Flash Optimistic

Grant Gustin

Since its debut, The Flash has managed to remain the more optimistic side of The CW’s superhero universe.

However, with the dark events of its second season, some are worried that The Flash is slowly shifting to a more dim tone, similar to that of Arrow.

But that won’t happen if Grant Gustin has his way. He told

“We won’t lose it. I will be adamant! I don’t know what’s going to happen in season 3, how they’re going to write it, where they’re going to go, but Berlanti and Kreisberg and Geoff – I actually don’t know how closely Geoff’s involved anymore – but all those guys know The Flash better than anybody, and they know that he has to have the optimism.

“…[Barry] lost his mom at a young age, he saw her die right in front of him, then went back in time and watched it again… He’ll find a way to deal with this. He’s not going to let it ruin him. It’s going to be hard to come back from this one, but he’ll stay optimistic Barry.”

Watch the full interview below.