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What Happens if Suicide Squad Flops? What if There Had Been No Star Wars? …And Other Questions Answered

A new 'Suicide Squad' poster

Collider Mail Bag

On this episode of Collider Mail Bag (June 18th, 2016) Dennis Tzeng, Perri Nemiroff, Jon Schenpp and Sinéad de Vries discuss the following:

  • Catching a movie late in the franchise and becoming a fan
  • 2 characters from a franchise for a road trip movie
  • Favorite/least favorite animated movie
  • Favorite superhero suit in movies
  • What will happen with the DC Film Universe if Suicide Squad fails?
  • Adding an Oscar category to the awards ceremony
  • If there was no Star Wars, what franchise would have taken its place?
  • What post 2006 films would you add to a film class?