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Hayley Atwell Wants Agent Carter to Take On the Cold War, Civil Rights, and her Past in London

Hayley Atwell in Marvel's "Agent Carter"

Now that the second season of Marvel’s Agent Carter is in the books, it’s time to consider what ABC and Marvel might tackle in a third season (if we’re so lucky to get one).

Actress Hayley Atwell, who portrays the titular character, has some thoughts of her own on what the Strategic Scientific Reserve agent might be up against in the future.

She told The Daily Dot:

Because we know that [Peggy Carter] lives a long life—from The Winter Soldier we know she dies probably in her nineties—you have the civil rights movement, you have the 1960s, the Cold War, you have all these incredible things that will happen socially and culturally in America and in Europe, that she will definitely have been involved with.

I love the idea of a season set in London, to see that side of her and go back to her roots a little bit. And I think because of the genre that it’s in, anything’s possible. I think she’s someone that’s up for new challenges, so she’ll embrace whatever that’s in front of her. I can see her being a raging hippy in the ’60s, and a huge advocate for women’s rights. I think to be able to do that in a TV show would be lovely. But of course I don’t have the power, I just have to sit and wait to see what the audiences want.

We hope Miss Atwell gets her wish.

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