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Henry Cavill, Amy Adams: What Critics say About Batman v. Superman Doesn’t Matter

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Superman and Lois Lane in 'Batman v. Superman'

If the majority of critics are to be believed, both Batman and Superman are losers in their latest big screen outing.

The movie critics’ floodgates opened on Thursday ahead of the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and what came out was lukewarm water.

But Henry Cavill who portrays Superman and Amy Adams who portrays a Daily Planet reporter and Superman’s love interest Lois Lane say they’re not worried about what the critics have to say. Ultimately, it’s the people’s voices that matter.

Henry Cavill told Yahoo! Movies, “What is really going to matter, I believe, is what the audience says. Because they’re the ones who are buying tickets, they’re the ones who want to see more of this kind of story or not and so the audience’s voice is the loudest and after this weekend, the audience, at least partly, will have spoken.”

Amy Adams agrees, saying, “I know that Zack [Snyder] doesn’t make the movies—or none of us—are making the movies for the critics. You can’t go into it with that perspective. I know we really hope the fans like it and so far the reaction has been really positive on that front.”

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has a lot riding on it as it opens this weekend. If all goes as planned — such as that estimated $390 million worldwide opening, we’ll be seeing much more from DC in our movie theaters.SuperFable