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Here’s Where Black Canary Will Appear on The CW’s Superhero Shows This Fall

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

Black Canary might be dead, but Laurel Lance will be making her presence felt throughout the Arrowverse when The CW’s superhero shows return this fall. 

Actress Katie Cassidy has been upgraded to “series regular” across ArrowThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Lots of fans expressed dismay at her death in Arrow Season 4 — some even threatening to not watch the show again. Perhaps, this is the studio’s way of making peace.

Here’s what we know about how and when Black Canary/Laurel Lance will appear this fall.


Laurel Lance will make an appearance in the Season 5 premiere, as her words to Oliver Queen just before she died will be revealed. Whatever she made Oliver promise, Stephen Amell said, “It’s something that’s going to have a lasting impact not just in our season premiere, but over the next couple seasons of the show. It’s very important. It’s going to be critical to whatever the legacy of our show is.”

The Flash

We’ve already seen the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance — Black Siren — and there’s a possibility that that villainess will return. What’s more likely, however, is that, in the “Flashpoint” storyline of The Flash Season 3, Laurel Lance will not have died and Barry Allen or other members of Team Arrow will interact with her.

Legends of Tomorrow

We can’t be sure why, but the team of Legends will certainly find a reason to travel to the past and meet up with Laurel Lance. Maybe Sara will go back in time to try to save her. Or, the Black Siren version of Laurel will team up with Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk to terrorize Rip Hunter and his crew.

The possibilities are almost endless. But, it’s good to know that Katie Cassidy will be around a while longer on The CW.SuperFable