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Hit or Miss: Did MTV Score With the Shannara Chronicles?


Episode 1 (well, actually episodes 1 and 2) of MTV’s Shannara Chronicles is in the books. The two hour premiere of the fantasy drama followed Teen Wolf, airing to the tune of 1.03 million viewers. Which is pretty good considering that the popular werewolf mainstay got only 1.11 million viewers.

So, does the show, which is based on Terry Brooks’ The Elfstones of Shannara, live up to its potential?

Incoming reviews say the story is fun, the acting is decent, and the special effects are pretty cool. Entertainment Weekly‘s Sara Netzley said, “The show is a visual treat, the characters are sharp and interesting, and if the dialogue is occasionally clunky, well, what do you expect when you’ve got the last Druid greeting an elven king after decades in a magical coma?”

The books’ huge fanbase will likely give the show a boost over other new MTV shows. Older age groups will also be likely to tune in since the Shannara Chronicles first came to prominence in the 1970s.

However, viewers also expressed some concerns regarding elements of the show.

At times, the hot, young leads — Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler, and Ivana Baquero — are too perfect, especially considering that they are battling demons on a quest to save the Four Lands. People get dirty in battle. Apparently, MTV doesn’t get that.

Also, for a show set 2,000 years after an apocalypse destroys the modern world, there is a surprising lack of diversity among the cast. One elf who appeared Asian was spotted, but everyone else was white. For a show aimed at MTV’s young, diverse audience, you’d think a little more diversity would be apparent.

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