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Kingpin Actor Vincent D’Onofrio is Ready for his Own Marvel/Netflix Series

Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin

Hey, give the bad guy one too!

While Vincent D’Onofrio is denying speculation that he could appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming or The Defenders, he’s also letting people know he’s down for his own Netflix series.

D’Onofrio starred as Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin in Marvel’s Daredevil Seasons 1 & 2. He was certainly a compelling, captivating, multi-faceted villain. Currently, his character is locked up, but he has vowed to Matt Murdoch aka Daredevil that when he gets out, he’ll come after the blind lawyer.

Maybe the tables will turn and Charlie Cox will be guest-starring on Marvel’s Kingpin!

Whatever the case, D’Onofrio is ready to helm his own Marvel/Netflix TV series. Here’s his response to a fan who expressed similar sentiments.

You hear that, Marvel?