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Leaked Online: Photos of Arrow Actor in the Grave

Spartan and Black Canary in 'Arrow'

The word in the wild is that someone has leaked photos from the set of Arrow purportedly showing a certain someone in the grave.

The grave scene has been teased since the beginning of Arrow Season 4. Reports now indicate that someone was able to sneak a photo of the grave scene being filmed onto the internet.

From the reaction of Arrow executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, it appears that the rumors are correct, and whoever is in the grave in the photo is indeed the person who will die on this week’s episode of Arrow, titled “11:59.”

If you’re an Arrow fan, you’re dying to know who it is. (Pun not intended.) But if you’re an honorable Arrow fan you won’t go searching for the photo(s) online… and we won’t be linking to them or exposing them here.

For now, you can content yourself with Marc Guggenheim’s words: “Look, it’s not cool… I’ll just say it: Shame on those people.”

Apparently, the leak occurred during the outdoor filming of the grave scene which had multiple key actors on location. Guggenheim said, “I just look at these paparazzi as they’re ruining the party for everybody. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with a cemetery, we have to go out on location. We have to be out in the world. We can’t produce the show just on our soundstages. We have extra on-set [production assistants] patrolling. We try to put things up to block people. It does happen and it just sucks.”

Yeah, it does.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on The CW.SuperFable