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Legends of Tomorrow Director says Shooting Pilot Episode Was “Intimidating”

Legends of Tomorrow

It’s hard work shooting a new TV show with just one lead actor. Having eight on stage can be even more daunting.

Legends of Tomorrow director Glen Winter, who has also helmed numerous episodes of Arrow, The Flash, and the Supergirl pilot, says his work on the two-episode premiere of The CW’s new show was “intimidating.”

In an interview with, Winter spoke about his experience pulling everything together to make the Legends come to life. He said, “The new facet for Legends was that there’s no #1 [actor] on the call sheet. There are seven or eight leads. For me, that was the intimidating part. I wasn’t as worried about the action and tone as I was with wrangling all these personalities and finding out how they all work together. Or, how to shoot a scene with eight people in the Waverider, day after day.”

Winter also spoke about how directing the Arrow/Flash crossover event and the Supergirl pilot for CBS prepared him to pull off Legends of Tomorrow. He said shooting the fight scenes for Legends was complicated because of a tight budget and a tight schedule.

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Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursdays at 8pm EST on The CW.

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