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Legends of Tomorrow: Watch the Epic New Trailer for the Rest of the Season

Jonathan Schaech as Jonah Hex in 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Legends of Tomorrow has eight episodes left in its freshman season — and by the looks of a new extended trailer, they will be more exciting than anything we’ve seen to date.

The 2.5-minute long featurette was released at WonderCon, previewing several stunning moments — including a young Talia al Ghul, the arrival of Jonah Hex (Jonathan Schaech), and an assassin who travels to the past hell-bent on eliminating the Legends before they grow up.

Rip Hunter and his team will travel from the Old West to the year 2046 in their bid to stop Vandal Savage’s plan for world domination.

The show’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, also promised that there will be a satisfying resolution to the teams mission to kill Vandal Savage — who keeps being reincarnated, hence making it difficult to defeat him completely. He said, “You’ll get an answer to whether or not the team succeeds in its mission to stop Vandal Savage, you’ll get a resolution to the Ray-Carter-Kendra love triangle, and you’ll get to know more of what the Time Masters are up to.”

Caity Lotz (Sara Lance aka White Canary) teased that “Sara might sit in a certain captain’s chair at some point and may possibly be flying a time ship, so Rip Hunter better watch out because Captain Canary is coming in.”

Legends of Tomorrow was recently renewed for a second season. The show airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.SuperFable