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‘Miss Kringle’ Returns as Gotham Introduces Crazy Love Triangle With Penguin and Nygma

Edward Nygma and Penguin on Gotham

Gotham took us for a loop this week when it introduced a Kristen Kringle look-a-like who nabbed Edward Nygma‘s interest with a riddle of her own.

And it came at a time when Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) was getting up the nerve to confess his love(?) to Nygma (Cory Michael Smith).

Of course the new Miss Kringle (Chelsea Spack) isn’t that one — the one Nygma killed, cut up, and eventually buried. But by the looks of things, Nygma is deeply in love with this ghost come back to life.

While we have to wait until next Monday to find out more about his new love interest — Is she somehow related to the original Kristen? Is she the product of one of Strange’s experiments? — one thing we do know for sure is that Penguin is not happy about it.

In the clip below from next week’s episode Penguin chides Nygma for declaring his love for a woman he’s only known for a ‘few hours’.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm EST on Fox.