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#Olicity: What Happens When Oliver Finds Out About Felicity’s New Boyfriend?

Felicity Smoak and Billy Malone on 'Arrow'

The long-term romantic relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak crashed and burned last season on Arrow.

After two episodes in Season 5, it’s clear that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has moved on. She’s got a new boyfriend, Mr. Billy Malone, who works in the Star City Police Department and is a part of Mayor Queen’s (Stephen Amell) Anti-Crime Unit.

But Oliver doesn’t know he and Felicity are Billicity now.

And we don’t know that much about Billy either — except that he gives good shoulder massages and that he’s willing to appropriate police equipment to do a little under the table investigation for his new girlfriend.

Many Olicity fans are confident he’s a bad guy. Some even think he’s this season’s major villain Prometheus. But that’s (probably) just wishful thinking.

The real question is: What will happen when Oliver finds out about Billy? He and Felicity have a good, working relationship for now. But that could change when Ollie finds out about his main girl’s new man.

And executive producer Marc Guggenheim says Oliver will find out. He told EW, “I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say that pretty much every secret on this show eventually [comes out]. Felicity’s boyfriend is certainly no exception — not that she’s keeping it a secret from Oliver, but at the start of season 5, Oliver doesn’t know.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on The CW.