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Did Oliver Queen Kill Laurel Lance?

Katie Cassidy as Black Canary

*** This article contains SPOILERS for Arrow episode 4.18, “11:59” ***

There’s something really fishy going on regarding Laurel Lance‘s death on last night’s Arrow episode.

Something so fishy that it’s making me think the showrunners are putting us through one of those someone’s-done-something-terrible-that’s-going-to-affect-the-whole-team-but-they’re-going-to-keep-it-a-secret-for-no-good-reason loops, which we’ve become used to in the Arrowverse.

I’m not talking about the fact that Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) unintentionally gave Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) the arrow he used to kill Laurel Lance aka Black Canary (Katie Cassidy). That’s gotta hurt. I’m talking about what transpired between Oliver and Laurel in the hospital AFTER she was stabilized, awake, and seemingly on the mend.

After Felicity, Diggle, and Thea leave the room, Oliver and Laurel are alone. They have a sweet, emotional moment where Oliver finds out that Laurel has been holding on to the picture of her he kept with him on Lian Yu. Then, Laurel asks Oliver to promise her something. This is where the funny business starts.

The scene cuts to outside the hospital window. Oliver is sitting on Laurel’s bed talking to her. (I guess we’re meant to understand that he’s making her some kind of promise.) Then the scene cuts to Thea, Diggle, and Felicity in the hall. Thea informs us that Captain Lance is on his way. Which is followed up by another sharp cut. (These cuts come too sharp and too fast.)

Laurel Lance is suddenly being wheeled out of her hospital room as she’s going into seizures.

We’re not given a medical explanation for why Laurel’s going into seizures, which is odd.

Thea, Diggle (for obvious reasons), and Felicity are stunned.

The only explanation Oliver has is, ‘I was just with her. She was fine.’

Something isn’t adding up. After being fine a few moment earlier (even in “recovery,” according to the doctor), Laurel’s death is too quick.

What is Arrow keeping from us? Did Laurel ask Oliver to let her die for some reason? Did Oliver do something to ensure that?

I have a really sick feeling that Oliver Queen is going to be keeping another big secret over the next few episodes, and possibly into next season.