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Rachael Taylor Really Wants to Become Jessica Jones’ Hellcat

Jessica Jones and Trish Walker

Jessica Jones actress, Rachael Taylor, is ready for her character, Trish Walker, to become a crime-fighting vigilante. 

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Taylor, who portrays Jessica Jones’ best friend Trish, said she’s eager to take on whatever role the producers lay out for her character, including becoming the black-and-yellow-clad superheroine, Hellcat.

While she hasn’t been given any indication of what her role will be in the second season (it just recently got renewed), Taylor says becoming Hellcat would be “amazing”:

I mean, I try not to get ahead of myself and think about it too much, because it’s easy to get carried away and think about things. I already feel like I have more than my share, in a way, being on Netflix, being in the Marvel Universe, being in this show that has resonated so deeply with people. But of course, I mean, it would be amazing. I mean, it’s already a privilege to play a history that has so much lineage within the Marvel Universe. And to take it that one step further is something that, yeah, I’d love to get my teeth stuck into whatever happens to the character.

Trish Walker is derived from the comic book heroine (Patricia “Trish” Walker) who later became the costumed Hellcat. Hellcat has been a member of the Avengers and the Defenders.

There were numerous indications throughout Jessica Jones’ first season that Trish Walker has a “shadow personality” (to use the actress’s own words): her eagerness to take strength-enhancing drugs, her tough (seemingly unnecessary) fight training, and her willingness to help Jessica “save the world.”

Taylor also commented on the complicated relationship between Trish and Jessica, saying that Trish exhibited feelings of jealousy throughout the season.

Trish Walker

Read the full interview with Comic Book Resources here.SuperFable