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Roland Emmerich Planning ‘Intergalactic’ Follow-Up to Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence

Writer/director Roland Emmerich doesn’t plan on waiting another two decades before doing an Independence Day follow-up.

With Independence Day: Resurgence hitting theaters this week, Emmerich is already gearing up for a third-film which he says will not mostly take place on Earth.

He told Empire:

The next one will be an intergalactic journey. It’ll be [set] maybe a year or two later, not 20 years [on]. I want to maintain this group of people, especially the young characters, and Jeff [Goldblum] and Brent [Spiner] will take part in it. It’ll be fun to keep that group together. I imagine them now going in one of these ships they’ve rebuilt into a wormhole. I think it’ll be the classic of going into space but it has to be about Earth, and we have a really good idea for that.

Of course the speed with which that film is made is based on how well Resurgence does in theaters.