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Simon Lewis Fully Embraces New Vampire Status in Next Shadowhunters Episode

Simon Lewis becomes a vampire on Shadowhunters

The last time we saw Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) he was running away from his BFF Clary after calling himself “repulsive” and discovering that he couldn’t say the word “God” after being born again as a vampire.

It turns out that everyone’s favorite mundane won’t be so self-loathing for long. When Shadowhunters returns this Tuesday, Simon will fully embrace himself as a vampire. (That sounds awkward. I would have said “embraced his inner vampire,” but that’s not entirely accurate.)

The official promo for Episode 9 titled “Rise Up” shows Simon using his vampire strength to throw a man against a truck. After which he tells Clary, “It’s my world now.”

He also informs her, “I can smell the blood in your veins… And I want it.” Yikes.

Watch below.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on Freeform.SuperFable