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Sony Moves Forward with Venom Movie


A long-planned movie about the Marvel supervillain Venom is moving forward once again.

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Sony has tapped a screenwriter to bring the traditional Spider-Man foe to the big screen in a solo film. Dante Harper will be putting together the first screenplay in what is anticipated to be a franchise.

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing and overseeing the project.

Venom made its first big screen appearance in Spider-Man 3 and was played by Topher Grace.

Along with other detailsThe Hollywood Reporter provides the following summary:

Venom is one of Marvel’s top villains and a Spider-Man fixture since he was introduced in 1988, created by writer David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mike Zeck. The character is an alien symbiote that need a human host to survive. In return, the alien empowers its victim with incredible powers.

For the longest time, Venom was a villain but then morphed into an anti-hero and even (almost) good guy. In his current incarnation, Venom is paired with Flash Thompson, a Peter Parker bully-turned-close friend and now a government agent.

It is unclear which Venom incarnation is being used for the new project.