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SPOILERS: Deleted Scene from Batman v. Superman Shows a New Villain

Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg) in 'Batman v. Superman'

Batman v. Superman SPOILERS ahead.

Warner Bros. is teasing the director’s cut, dubbed “Ultimate Edition”, with the release of a scene that was deleted from the theatrical release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Just before Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is arrested, we find the maniacal genius standing in a pile of gunk in the Kryptonian ship. He appears to be communing with some kind of alien/demon creature — hence the clip’s title, “Communion.”

It’s assumed that this creature is a villain whom the Justice League will face in upcoming DC movies.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

It looks a lot like one of the demons in the painting Luthor has hanging in his study, depicting a clash between the angels and the forces of hell. The three cubes floating in front of him appear to be Mother Boxes, which are alien super-computers that can graft on to living things and bestow various undefined cosmic powers. They nurture, serve, and protect their owners like, well, mothers — as their name implies.

They can be a force for good or for evil, depending on the lucky individual they imprint upon.

As for the beast lording over them, this appears to be a particularly savage, H.R. Giger-looking version of Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid’s generals from the world of Apokolips.

The full scene will be featured in the R-rated director’s cut of the film which includes 30 minutes of extra footage.SuperFable