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Watch: Stephen Amell Responds to Olicity Critics, Says Viewers Who Attack Others Aren’t ‘Real Fans’

Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) and Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) on 'Arrow'

Arrow took a lot of heat in its fourth season but Stephen Amell says much of it is undeserved — especially since it comes from “fans” who “attack” each other online.

Speaking on Larry King Now, Amell responded to critics of the Olicity romantic storyline which has enraged some fans who preferred that one of the Lance sisters be Oliver Queen’s permanent romantic interest. He said, “I think there are sections of the fandom that take to liking a certain character by way of attacking another character. I feel like if you’re going on the attack for fictional characters, you’re probably not real fans of the show.”

He also criticized the ‘loudness’ of Twitter users who tweet their criticisms during and directly after an episode. He said, “I think Twitter largely is overblown. I’m not saying that these people aren’t passionate and I’m not saying that their opinions shouldn’t matter, but I do think that their voices tend to be so loud that we think the crowd is much bigger than it actually is. I happen to think that it’s much smaller. Most people still enjoy a show in the traditional way, which is to watch it … and not to tweet constantly throughout it.”

Watch Stephen Amell’s full interview with Larry King (which was actually to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows) below.

Arrow is set to begin filming its fifth season this summer for a debut in the all.

And, Arrow fans, let’s keep it civil from here on out. I’m as passionate about this show as you are. But, no more nastiness toward other fans online. And, no more death threats toward the actors and producers.SuperFable