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Stephen Amell says There’s No Plans to Put Green Arrow in a Movie

Stephen Amell as 'Arrow'

Arrow actor Stephen Amell told Larry King recently that there are no plans to put his character on the big screen.

He also acknowledged that, if Green Arrow did make it into DC’s Justice League movies, he would not be likely to play the part.

Here’s how the conversation went, as reported by

King: The guy who plays The Flash wasn’t cast in the movie right?

Amell: No, the cinematic universe and the television universe are separate.

King: So you might not be cast if it were a movie.

Amell: I might not be.

King: Does that bug you?

Amell: Ummm, I’ve spoken with people within DC and they’ve said there’s no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe, but things change.

Watch Larry King’s full interview with Stephen Amell below.

Arrow is set to begin its fifth season this fall on The CW.SuperFable