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The 100: This Week’s Episode to Include Flashbacks to the World-Ending Apocalypse

Lexa in "The 100"

We all know that the events of The 100 take place roughly one hundred years after a world-ending nuclear apocalypse. The only people thought to survive this event were on the 12 space stations orbiting the planet at the time.

Well, thanks to last week’s episode, “Bitter Harvest,” we now know that there was another space station — a thirteenth one — that was destroyed before the other twelve came together to form The Ark. We also know that this thirteenth space station, Polaris, holds the answers to why the nuclear apocalypse occurred in the first place. It also held some type of tech that A.L.I.E (the AI/evil-woman-in-red who set off the bombs that triggered the apocalypse) wants to get her hands on. Additionally, we learned that Polis, the capital city of the Grounder clans, is somehow tied to Polaris.

There’s so much to explore here that I could go on.

But Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer of The 100, has revealed that this week’s episode, “Thirteen,” will feature flashbacks that tell the story of the apocalypse and the space station Polaris. He told AfterEllen:

We’ve been hinting about it, talking about it on the show since Season 1, and you know, it’s the origin story for our show. It’s how the Ark came together; it’s how the apocalypse happened.

…in terms of the story we’re telling this season and the AIs, [the flashbacks are] obviously a huge key to the current story that’s being told.

It’s a flashback to characters that we don’t know and love yet, and have never seen before. So it’s a very, very different, but I think mind-blowingly cool episode for us.

So many questions are bound to be answered in “Thirteen.” Watch the trailer and clip below to get a glimpse of what’s in store.

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9pm EST on The CW.SuperFable