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The Flash Will See More of Earth-2 and Killer Frost

The Flash

Although Barry, Cisco, and Harrison Wells returned to Earth-1 by the skin of their teeth, viewers of The Flash haven’t seen the last of Earth-2.

Executive producer Todd Helbing told Entertainment Weekly that, despite the last breach between our world and that one being closed, we’ll still “see quite a bit” of Earth-2 action in upcoming episodes.

Helbing also promised that Killer Frost, who helped Team Flash escape Earth-2, will also be seen again.

Anyway, we’re getting closer to that time when the identity of the main villain of season 2 of The Flash  is about to be revealed. This promo, titled “Zoom’s Coming,” was recently released.

In the meantime, Barry Allen will be facing off against King Shark in next week’s episode.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on the CW.SuperFable