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TMNT’s Brian Tee Wants to Play Namor

Brian Tee

Brian Tee has just finished playing supervillain Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Now, he wants to play a hero. This time: Marvel’s Namor.

Namor has been in the news due to reports that seem to indicate that Marvel Studios has regained the film rights to the character.

If that’s the case, Brian Tee may be in luck. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Tee was asked which character he would like to play (specifically as an Asian-American actor). He said, “Marvel Studios just picked up the rights to Namor, who is the Submariner, and I would love to play the Submariner… I grew up as a comic geek and the Submariner is one of my childhood’s fondest superheroes. I feel like I can play him! If there is one role, right now, that I would love to play, it would be Namor.”


Well, that’s a pretty audacious plug.

At least Marvel knows where to look if/when it decides to put Namor on the big screen.

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