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Tom Hiddleston says Loki Would be on #TeamLoki in Avengers’ Civil War

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Tom Hiddleston says Loki would side with neither Iron Man nor Captain America in the upcoming Civil War movie.

The British actor who portrays the Asgardian mischief-loving god who was the primary villain of the first Avengers movie says Loki would firmly be on his own side.

Speaking to Yahoo! Movies, Hiddleston said, “He’s clearly on Team Loki. They were all fairly unkind to him in The Avengers, so I’m not sure he would be taking sides.”

“I think he would be sitting on a rooftop somewhere enjoying the fact that the children are squabbling. Going, ‘Ah! This is entertaining.'”

Yes. I can totally imagine Loki doing such a thing.

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters on May 6.SuperFable