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Will Deathstroke Return to Arrow in Season 5?

Josh Segarra is set to play Adrian Chase in 'Arrow'

It looks like Deathstroke — whom many agree is one of the best villains ever to appear on Arrow –will make a return.

Sort of.

News broke today that Josh Segarra has been cast as Adrian Chase, “Star City’s new district attorney and an ally of Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who aims to clean up the streets through the legal system,” according to Deadline. In the comics, Adrian Chase has an alter ego known as Vigilante, which he picks up after his family is murdered by the mafia.

So, where does Deathstroke come in?

In the comics, there are several characters who use the moniker “Vigilante.” One of them was directly trained by Deathstroke. Given the Arrow production team’s penchant for mixing and matching comic lore, it’s entirely possible that this Vigilante, Adrian Chase, will also have past ties to Deathstroke.

This is great news for Arrow fans who have lamented the past two seasons’ relatively underwhelming villains. (Underwhelming because they didn’t have strong, personal ties to Oliver Queen, thus making the stakes of the conflict not as compelling.)

Who knows? Manu Bennett may even return for some flashbacks.

But, whether he returns or not, it appears that his influence will be felt.

Arrow returns this fall to The CW.SuperFable