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Will Oliver Queen Summon Vandal Savage to Defeat Damien Darhk?

'Arrow': Oliver Queen, Vandal Savage, Damien Darhk

File this under wild speculation about the Arrow Season 4 finale.

The official synopsis for the final episode of Arrow Season 4 says that Oliver Queen will “team up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all.” The CW is famously stingy with their synopses, so this could mean anything.

But, in order to stop Darhk, this “surprising force” would have to be someone with some kind of magical mojo, right? It’s not Malcolm Merlyn since we all know Oliver and Malcolm are keen to team up whenever it suits both of their interests. So, who else could it be? Constantine? Vixen? Nope. While they both have magical/mythical powers and abilities of their own, they wouldn’t really be a “surprising force”, seeing that they both have joined forces with Team Arrow already this season.

My (strictly proverbial) money is on Vandal Savage. Yes, the immortal warmonger who was thrice-killed on the Legends of Tomorrow finale last week.

And the reason why is because of something John Barrowman (who plays Malcolm Merlyn) reminded us of in a recent interview. Speaking to Comic Book Movie, Barrowman uttered these words: “I can’t tell you anything because things are going to happen. That’s all I can say. Remember Malcolm took some powder? Malcolm has other little things in his stash…”

“Malcolm took some powder.” That powder being the ashes/dust of Vandal Savage from when Teams Arrow and Flash defeated him in last year’s crossover event.

My bet is that Malcolm Merlyn, frustrated with Damien Darhk’s single-minded intent on sending the world up in nuclear flames, will pull this trick from his sleeve. (He’s not called “the magician” for nothing.) Somehow, he will be able to bring Vandal Savage back to life or at least harness his magical abilities and direct them against Damien Darhk.

What do you think? Who do you believe Oliver Queen’s “surprising force” will be?

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