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Zoom Unmasked in New Photos from Next Episode of The Flash

Zoom on 'The Flash'

Now that Team Flash knows (read: assumes) Jay Garrick is the speedster villain Zoom, Barry Allen and his friends at Star Labs are figuring out how to take him down. 

In the last episode of The Flash, Barry traveled back in time to meet with Harrison Wells who gave him a flash drive containing the answer to his question: How do I get faster — fast enough to beat Zoom?

Answer in hand, the next episode will bring Team Flash into direct confrontation with Zoom as shown in the promotional photos below which were released today.

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Also, the teaser for next week’s episode tells us that the Jay Garrick who came to Earth-1 seeking answers and help is not the Jay Garrick who is Zoom (we think).

All will be revealed on the next episode of The Flash, which airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on The CW.SuperFable